Over 60 years of experience, innovation and passion, to offer the customer the best solution for their needs. Even the most exclusive.
Bordignon: where innovation happens.

Bordignon’s mission is to guarantee the efficiency and performance of production chains in the automotive, house appliance and industrial molding sectors.

A result achieved thanks to continuous research and technological development applied to the production of die springs and nitrogen gas springs for molds and innovative systems for blanking, bending and tapping, all components made entirely in house in the Italian owned plants located within an industrial district particularly suited to mechanical innovation and nanotechnologies.
A pioneering approach that pushes the boundaries.

In a path that began over 60 years ago, Bordignon has managed to place itself in the reference market as a leading company in the development of new technological solutions applied to die springs, nitrogen gas springs and solutions for molding systems.

Our vision aims to focus corporate investments mainly in research and development, while ensuring the highest standards of quality and product performance thanks to the highly specialized workforce and advanced technologies that characterize our production sites.

Investing in total quality with Bordignon.
When it comes to the components that determine the efficiency and performance of production lines, the best possible investment is to aim for the highest quality.
It is with this approach that Bordignon products are born: those who choose them are choosing to implement in their production process the highest standards available on the market in terms of safety, reliability, performance and durability. Total quality resulting from an Italian technical know-how appreciated all over the world.
Certified Quality

Bordignon’s Nitrogen Gas Springs are long-lasting and reliable as the result of many-year experience, research and innovations, values awarded with UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification. When correctly used, Bordignon’s Springs have a duration of 200.000.000 mm of total stroke under normal working conditions.

Safety and Reliability

Bordignon’s Nitrogen Gas Springs are realized with single or “monolithic” mechanical parts singoli with high width, to guarantee the integrity of the product and the maximum safety for the user even in the most extreme conditions of incorrect application. The rod is blocked by a high-width mechanical stopper inside the body of the gas spring. Moreover, in case of extra-stroke or excessive internal pressure, the metal shell of the body of the gas spring, slimmer at its base, is deformed allowing the safe discharging of the nitrogen gas spring.