DTAP System.
DTAP Direct Drive electronic tapping machine is the innovative Bordignon technology designed to ensure excellent performance in threading operations. Thanks to the direct-drive transmission to the spindle, the “Direct Drive” system guarantees greater power, reduced overall dimensions, effective reverse gear and minimum maintenance.
Electronic tapping machine
DTAP Direct Drive.

The absence of lead screw allows you to change the thread pitch extremely quickly, replacing the tap-holder in the machine and setting the data corresponding to the new machining in the panel. Simply activated with an electric impulse (START), DTAP works independently of the mold stroke and at any angle, quickly and accurately performing threading in molds and other automation systems. Once a certain machining has been performed, its parameters can be stored in the panel, in order to easily repeat the same thread in the future.

maschiatrice per stampi
maschiatrice per stampi
All the advantages.

Available in two models, single and multiple up to 4 units, the compact touch-screen panel of the latest generation allows you to control the threading machine with ease, ensuring full control in every processing phase. The multiple functions available make the touch screen an intelligent and intuitive tool. The operator, assisted by the indications of the panel, can easily enter all the configuration and control parameters necessary to obtain a perfect thread.

To ensure greater efficiency over time and obtain maximum performance from the DTAP system, Bordignon has developed a series of accessories to support the functionality of the electronic tapping machine.
Minimal lubrification pump

The air-oil lubricating system consists of mainly a pressurised tank and one or more mixing modules. The lubricant, which can be made of a mixture of air and oil or oil only, is pressurized by the air and sent to the mixing modules through a pipe inside the tank.

D-TC Thread Checker

D-TC is a sensor equipped with 5-mt cable and fastener for connection to the DTAP control panel. It is a component supplied upon request with the aim of providing an additional check of successful tapping in through holes.