The High Performance series nitrogen gas springs, designed for those looking for a top-of-the-range product, satisfy any dimensional requirement. In addition to our ISO 11901 series (Bordignon CISO series), we offer many other higher performance models with up to + 300% greater forces and much more compact dimensions. If used correctly, Bordignon gas springs have a life of over 200,000,000 mm of total stroke under normal working conditions.

The nitrogen gas springs of the CSX, SMLX, MSML, CX, CSMX, MICX and MCSM series are now equipped with the new WIPERTECH nano-technology, which ensures maximum protection from liquid contaminants often present on the molds, thus increasing the potential life of the nitrogen gas springs under such conditions of use (aggressive environment). The advantage for the user is the significant reduction in production stops thanks to the better life of the nitrogen gas springs even in an aggressive environment. Furthermore, performance and durability reach an even higher level with the introduction of the new NANOTECH2 nano-technologies, which allow to increase the work speed / cycles per minute by 150% (more than double) compared to the previous Bordignon standard models, without addition of external lubrication. The advantage for the user is the use of up to 60% shorter time (less than halved) for each production batch / press use.