The system known as MANIFOLD consists of several gas springs screwed onto a perforated plate, in order to keep them connected to each other and to a control panel on the plate, from which the nitrogen gas is loaded and unloaded.
The gas pressure and therefore the force exerted on the gas spring rods, is always under control and it can easily be varied from the external control panel.
The plate allows the gas springs to be fixed in the desired positions and also acts as a buffer for the gas, so that the increase in force – at the end of the stroke – with respect to the initial force is reduced proportionally: the greater volumes available for the gas, the smaller is said increase .
The parameters to be defined in advance, according to the project, are: the total force required and its spatial distribution, the ratio maximum final force vs initial force, the working stroke, the maximum dimensions, the position of the control panel.
The plate can be drilled and prepared by Bordignon, based on the user’s design.
We have foreseen the use of fixing washers to the plate for the gas springs, thus avoiding any risk of unscrewing (e.g. due to vibrations), whatever the conditions of use. It is another example of a simple and innovative solution, with our patent, to prevent a possible problem.
We invite you to contact our Technical Department to agree on customized solutions and for any clarification and information.

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