11 December 2020

Bordignon has realized a custom plate for Electrolux

In addition to single nitrogen gas springs, Bordignon develops connection plates for special application (alternative to manifold ): the system is constituted by standard gas springs fixed on a drilled plate, as to keep them connected to each other and with a control panel placed at one side of the plate, used to charge and discharge the nitrogen gas.

The gas pressure and the force applied on the piston rod of the gas springs is constantly controlled and can be modified from the control panel. The plate allows to fix the gas springs in the desired positions and at very low cycles/min it may act as a gas vessel, so that the force increase at the end of stroke in relation with the initial force is reduced: with greater volumes available for the gas, the increase is lower.

The initial parameters to be defined, according to the project, are: the total force needed and its spatial distribution, the initial/end force rate, the working stroke, the maximum volume, the allocation of the control panel. The plate can be configured and drilled by Bordignon, on the client’s design.

The latest project of this kind, pictured here, has been realized for Electrolux. Contact us to find out more!